Dec 11, 2018
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Who is VFSA?

Business Forum for Social Responsibility (VFSA) consists of a group of Danish executives, who focus on getting corporate social responsibility on the political agenda, particularly in relation to strengthening the role of marginalised groups on the Danish labour market.

Social responsitbility in companies

VFSA has been working on this for more than a decade, and serves as an advisory body to the Minister of Employment. The group participates in public debates and campaigns and initiates  projects to find new ways to include marginalised groups, such as disabled people, vulnerable young people, ex-offenders, etc., in private and public Danish companies.

CSR People Prize

In addition, every year VFSA award a prize, CSR People Prize, to a small and a large socially responsible company. The prize is awarded at the major Danish event, CSR AWARDS where a number of CSR prizes are awarded to Danish companies. The objective is to make sure that good initiatives, experiences and results will be exposed, when businesses take on a social responsibility.

For further information please contact the Secretariat of VFSA:


Phone: +45 72142051